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Lockdown and sex in the Philippines part 2


Lockdown and sex in the Philippines, part 2.

Hello everyone!
At the start I want to say: BIG THANKS to everyone who helped and send us crypto. THE BIGGEST THANKS for a rich person who sent the biggest amount 🙂
This article is especially for You!

Sorry for a late reply, but in the Philippines Internet is a one big mysterious – why it is not works and why so slow if works 🙂

This is my BIG DAY, coz my friend from Poland gave me this blog. I have a friends from all the Philippines and they want to show everyone kind and generous man – them erotic / sexy photos, especially in this situation, when was periods that even if You have a money – was no possibility to buy something. And if You don’t have money – You can die. Better have money and buy some stuff, food and water, before hard lockdown will come.
Some people talking about second wave 🙁

Lockdown and sex in the Philippines part.2

After my last article some things are changed for a better. Transport from one island to another island is possible, but only for a people from here (filipino). Not allowed to come people from other countries (foreigners), so pity, coz I want to feel some strong generous white foreigner guy in my sweet pussy.
I can’t wait, I will crazy soon. But today when I looked at money from You guys…. ohhh… it is like a new orgasm (!) Im so excited. I wanna fuck You guys in the air…
My filipino friends too 😉 I hope flights to Philippines will be possible again, soon.
And my country will reopen for a tourists / tourism (better check situation before come, coz guards can not allow You go out from airport to the city, You will stay on the airport and wait for a come back to Your country – I know coz some rush people want to do like that, many people want to come, but it is still not allowed, maybe in October, maybe in November. Huge hope that in this year!

Lockdown and sex in the Philippines – Your prize

Like I said guys I want to fuck You really hard after Your help 🙂
Especially this guy who sent the biggest amonut…. Yay…
I’m so horny now…
For now my photos should be enough, as Your prize:)

Thanks for a help Dear :* lockdown and sex in the Philippines
Thanks for a help Dear :*
Thank You for a help my Hero, My pussy is Yours :*
Im whole Yours my Superman :*
fantasy about my sponsor. sex during lockdown in the philippines
Time to start masturbating and fantasy about my sponsor
Ahh, ohh , aaaa, ooohhh…. Fuck me Hon
Im thinking about my sponsor, oh ohhhh ohhh, it will be huuuge orgasm 🙂
aaaaaahhhh aaaaaahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Thank You very much my sponsor for a biggest orgasm which I had now…
Thank You very much my Superman, me and my pussy really, highly appreciated !

Lockdown and sex in the Philippines – in the end

I think that partnership with this blog was great idea and from Today Im the CHEF here hihi, big success and promotion 🙂
So now thank You very much guys, I will survive another month.
Many people from the Philippines waiting for a end of “c_o+v&i@d “
and later they want to fly to other country for a work (Australia, Canada or Europe).
But in Europe will be good to know language. in Poland – Polish, in Norway – Norsk, in Germany – German, in France – French, only in the Great Britain – English.
Some of Filipino people want to come for a work to the Poland, but Polanders told us that better fly to Norway or Germany and better to know language if You want to earn more. But people here cant find any agency which will offer work in Europe 🙁 in Germany or Norway.
I will stay in the Philippines, I worked in the tourism, so I will wait for a reopen Ph. for a foreigner tourists. Now thanks to you guys I will survive this difficult time.

In the next article will be about my friends, from other islands 🙂 They are sexy chicks and they need help too 🙂

If You want to help me again or It will be Your first time, send me some ETH or USDt (cryptocurrencies) for my address (ETH ERC-20 address):


Together we will survive this hard time!

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